Preference Card

Preference Card®️ is a medical app designed to support the information and equipment needs of those assisting physicians in surgery or special procedures. Specifically, Preference Card®️ allows the user to document, store and recall the information for physicians in challenging patient care procedures. The Preference Card®️ medical app user can: create, find, edit, update, document and photograph equipment needs and procedural notes. Most information is linked through data bases linking specific physicians and/or procedures. This medical app also allows: in-app emailing with a date-stamp, so edits can be noted by all users. This medical app further allows for in-app vendor rep contact via phone or email. Preference Card®️ is useful in nurse or surgical tech orientation or cross-training. The medical app is also useful to industry reps, PAs, and ARNPs. Finally, special procedure areas use the Preference Card®️ medical app for their needs. Whether procedures occur bedside on the floor or unit, in the OR, ER, IR, Endoscopy, or clinic, Preference Card®️ is the medical app information