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Information Overload Solutions

Preference Card®️

Preference Card®️ is a medical app designed to support the information and equipment needs of those assisting physicians in surgery or special procedures. Specifically, Preference Card®️ allows the user to document, store and recall the information for physicians in challenging patient care procedures. The Preference Card®️ medical app user can: create, find, edit, update, document and photograph equipment needs and procedural notes.

Most information is linked through data bases linking specific physicians and/or procedures. This medical app also allows: in-app emailing with a date-stamp, so edits can be noted by all users. This medical app further allows for in-app vendor rep contact via phone or email. Preference Card®️ is useful in nurse or surgical tech orientation or cross-training.

The medical app is also useful to industry reps, PAs, and ARNPs. Finally, special procedure areas use the Preference Card®️ medical app for their needs. Whether procedures occur bedside on the floor or unit, in the OR, ER, IR, Endoscopy, or clinic, Preference Card®️ is the medical app information overload solution.

Preference Card®️ – Student/Instructor

Preference Card®️: Student is a medical app specifically designed to aid Surgical Technology students advance their knowledge of specific surgical procedures. The medical app will allow the student to document all phases of a surgical procedure from positioning through wound dressing. Further, the student can take and label photos within the medical app.

A companion Instructor app is also helpful to Surgical Technology instructors. The Preference Card®️: Instructor app has no content, but a unique file system/editor that accepts Student Preference Cards®️. Upon receipt of the Preference Card®️: Student file, the Instructor can open add questions or comments to the file and return it to the student. The student can recall and use the Preference Card®️ file as needed for later use.

Preference Card®️: Student is a subscription based app that is renewed every 4 months. This medical app is an excellent learning tool, and helps organize the student for future success as a Certified Surgical Technologist. Preference Card®️: Instructor is a free app.

Mobile App Software Company

Apprize is an Mobile App Development Company dedicated to bring the best in mobile technology to the medical industry. Our dedication to customer service is only matched by our quality control and testing procedures; making sure that the product our customers use is ready for the challenging medical profession.

In addition to our Medical Apps we continue to use or platform design techniques to break new ground in App development. By having a clear mindset with a positive plan we can bring a product to market without the complicating and frustrating beta testing that many developers utilize. By partnering with trade and industry professionals we can make early determinations that dictate the path of our products. This methodology creates less errors and app downtime due to re-logging.