Preference Card®️ - Student/Instructor

Preference Card®️: Student is a medical app specifically designed to aid Surgical Technology students advance their knowledge of specific surgical procedures. The medical app will allow the student to document all phases of a surgical procedure from positioning through wound dressing. Further, the student can take and label photos within the medical app.
A companion Instructor app is also helpful to Surgical Technology instructors. The Preference Card®️: Instructor app has no content, but a unique file system/editor that accepts Student Preference Cards®️. Upon receipt of the Preference Card®️: Student file, the Instructor can open  add questions or comments to the file and return it to the student. The student can recall and use the Preference Card®️ file as needed for later use.
Preference Card®️: Student is a subscription based app that is renewed every 4 months. This medical app is an excellent learning tool, and helps organize the student for future success as a Certified Surgical Technologist. Preference Card®️: Instructor is a free app.

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